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A musical tent for many hearts and one soul

Those who look at the world see mere distances. Those who stand on it can merely guess that distant lands exist beyond the horizon. Only those who walk on it experience the fascinating interplay between near and far, between meeting and parting, between similarities and differences. 

The Iranian harpist Asita Hamidi and the Swedish bassist Björn Meyer spent many years travelling the world together with music in their hearts. They often met artists with whom they shared not only musical ideas but also artistic philosophies and visions. With bazaarpool, they managed to create a forum for this bubbling potential. Since the start in 2003 it has become a musical home for long-term cooperation between musicians from Switzerland, Sweden, India, Iran, Lebanon and Egypt. 

Sadly Asita is no longer with us but her spirit, her music and laughter is still alive and so is bazaarpool!!

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