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Amiira - Curious Objects
Klaus Gesing bass clarinet, soprano sax, effects
Björn Meyer electric bass, effects 
Samuel Rohrer drums, electronics, modular synths

Album Release Date : May 5 2023

Arjunamusic Records presents the second full-length offering by Amiira, a musical entity comprised of Klaus Gesing, Björn Meyer and Samuel Rohrer. The trio has returned after a layoff of six years since their debut LP. It would be unwise to expect for them to pick up exactly where they left off, given all the turbulent change that the world has encountered since this time, and indeed the new Album Curious Objects reflects a clear expansion of the players’ abilities. The fundamentals that guided the debut album – spatiality, refined coolness, the non-verbal “narrative” quality - are still very much present, but are this time reinforced with an even more pronounced feeling of communicating across wide physical and conceptual spaces. 

Altogether, Curious Objects is a potent antidote for spiritual and musical fatigue; especially recommended for those who have already left behind the limitations posed by genres. It is more than the sum of its parts, and its crossing of numerous different boundaries never feels like the goal in and of itself: instead, all this activity feels like a tool for unlocking and decoding even more supposedly irreconcilable qualities and ideas.


Music created by Amiira (Klaus Gesing/Björn Meyer/Samuel Rohrer) except Garden Of Silence written by Asita Hamidi and On Second Thought written by Klaus Gesing

Recorded by Gérard de Haro in August 2021 at Studio La Buissonne, France 
Mixed by Björn Meyer in April 2022 at Atelier363, PROGR Bern, Switzerland 
Mastering and vinyl cut by Mike Grinser, Manmade Mastering Berlin, Germany